High Blood Pressure Remedy is for anyone looking for the best information on overcoming high blood pressure naturally.

It was created by husband and wife, Keith and Jayme Dougherty. Jayme has been a nurse for over 27 years and she knows firsthand what it is like working in a job where you give so much and receive very little appreciation.

Over 9 years ago, Keith had chest pain one night when Jayme was working at the hospital. She told him to come into the emergency room. After getting there his blood pressure was through the roof, but they could not find a cause. After running numerous tests and being there for hours, they finally were able to lower the blood pressure with heavy medication. After that Keith was taking multiple medications. Getting sick and tired of the medications, Keith and Jayme went on a journey to find an all natural way to lower Keith’s blood pressure and get off of harmful medications.

Since then, he has been medication free and maintained a health and steady blood pressure. Usually 125/68.

On this page they are sharing things that they have found to be helpful. Please keep in mind we are not your doctor and we cannot give you medical advice. The information is provided for information purposes only and not to be consider medical advice. Always consult with your own doctor before doing anything that can effect your health.

Keith and Jayme