Diabetic high blood pressure is a chronic condition that is seen in those with type 2 diabetes. However, it is still unclear why there is such an important correlation between these two diseases. If you already have high blood pressure then it means that your arterial blood vessels are too constricted with too much pressure. Your arteries will eventually fail to pump blood to your extremities properly.

This leads to the increase of triglyceride levels in your body, which causes your body to store more glucose in order to fuel the increased fat burning functions. As time goes by your body becomes unable to cope up with the increased fat burning activities, so it will eventually overheat causing high blood glucose levels.

High blood sugar can also cause damage to tissues in your body. If the damage caused is not repaired quickly enough, then you could suffer from complications such as kidney failure. Your muscles are extremely sensitive to changes in blood sugar. You can also experience weakness and fatigue as well as nausea.

The best way to combat diabetes and high blood pressure is to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes a low fat diet that keeps your blood sugar level under control and avoid over-consuming sugar. By doing this you can avoid the damage caused by high blood glucose levels.

A healthy blood glucose level is necessary for maintaining normal body functions. For example, if you want to drive safely then you need to have a safe blood sugar level. You should also avoid alcohol intake as it raises your alcohol tolerance and makes your body dependent on it. Also, you need to be aware of your diet and how much you should consume.

Sugar in your food should be limited and only eat the small portions that you need. Eating too much food at one go is bad for your health and is even more dangerous for those suffering from diabetes. Make sure to keep track of your glucose levels so that you do not become the victim of diabetes and high blood sugar disease.

The damage caused by high blood glucose levels is similar to a burning sensation in your body. When your body becomes unable to regulate its glucose levels, you can feel tired, dizzy and weak. Your skin also becomes dry and scaly.

When high blood glucose levels become the cause of damage to your body, it may be time to consult a doctor. There are some simple ways in which you can reduce the damage caused by high blood glucose levels. Eating a balanced diet that consists of foods containing all the nutrients that your body needs, exercises, taking vitamins, and drinking lots of water to help the body to fight against high blood glucose levels and reduce the damage caused by it.

Diabetes and high blood glucose can affect many people. To keep you healthy and safe from the consequences, you must take the right measures and precautions. If diabetes is left untreated then you could face a lot of complications and risks.

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