Surely you have heard the saying: “BREAKFAST IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY”. Everybody has heard it, all the mothers have told us as we have grown up and once we have grown up, our doctor has kept telling us so that we can take care of our health. Now, how many of us really follow those directions and eat a proper breakfast every day? More than a few.

However, when we have grown older and health problems such as high blood pressure have started to arise, that need to eat better is not only a doctor’s advice, it is a must. Having blood pressure levels that are too high is a serious risk to our health, which also means that we have to forget about many of the things we used to eat “unhealthy” every day.

Below, for those of you who have high blood pressure and are not clear about what you can or cannot eat at breakfast to avoid excessive intake of saturated fat, we are going to give you a series of simple recipes that will help you cope better with the problem.

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Experts say that one of the main ingredients that a high blood pressure diet should contain is fiber, so starting your day with a delicious homemade oatmeal idli will give you all the fiber you need while filling your body with energy and joy.

To accompany these sweets we can take a coconut chudley, which as they explain is also a good food to maintain pressure at normal levels while providing us with plenty of minerals and natural vitamins.


In many countries, saying breakfast means saying eggs, which doesn’t always have to mean that you can only cook fried eggs with bacon; there are more and healthier options.

For that, we can try to make a pure Mediterranean style omelet with eggs and spinach, which are a source of vitamins and potassium, iron and magnesium, key ingredients to take care of our heart health.


Continuing with spinach as the main ingredient, if you like pancakes but had stopped eating them because the only recipe you knew involved some sweet ingredient full of fat, this recipe can be your salvation.

Making pancakes based on natural spinach is an excellent option to start the day taking care of your health, since its high lutein content favors the correct functioning of the arteries preventing their obstruction.


If you do not like coconut or spinach, you can always try to prepare a delicious and nutritious Upma of green peas and wheat semolina. Peas are a natural source of potassium, which makes them a great ally for your arterial health, while wheat semolina is rich in fiber. This simple dish will give you everything you need to start the day with energy, and most importantly, with health!


If you are not a milk drinker and don’t want to cook too much in the morning, you can always choose to make a smoothie with bananas and porridge. This simple shake will give you high doses of magnesium and fiber to take care of your arteries, while making you feel full of morning energy. It’s all advantages!

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