In addition to following a healthy and balanced diet and exercising, some methods can lower blood pressure fast. For example, you can benefit from the positive effects of Chinese medicine. This simple solution will help you relax and stabilize your blood pressure. Here is important information that can help you deal with high blood pressure.

What are the causes of high blood pressure?

To date, certain causes of the increase in blood pressure are not known. Without a doubt, various factors could influence its appearance. So, here is a list with some of the most critical factors:

* Having a family history of hypertension.
* Being over 60 years old.
* Being subjected to high levels of stress, anger, and hostility.
* Overweight or obesity.
* A smoking habit.
* A diet rich in saturated fats.
* Excess in the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
* Eating foods rich in sodium frequently.
* Leading a sedentary life.
* Diabetes.

For one thing, it is better to avoid any harmful activity or habit. Also, medical advice could prove to be effective in dealing with severe symptoms. If you’ve noticed palpitations in your head and chest, nausea, and fatigue, then contact your doctor as soon as possible.

What is the traditional Chinese method that lower blood pressure fast?

Traditional Chinese methods are based on energetic connections that depart from various pressure points in the body to the organs.

This method consists of applying a little pressure in three specific points to lower blood pressure fast. In fact, in a few minutes.

To simplify, we talk about two lines. The first line goes from the first point to the second. Instead, the second line is semicircular and goes around the third point.

* The first line goes from the area below the earlobe down to the collarbone.
* Just use your finger to apply light pressure in either direction.
* Go up and down ten times on each side of the neck before changing the side.
* Do this for two or three minutes.

Only after you applied pressure on the first line, you can move to the third point. This point is located 0.2 inches (half a centimeter) from the earlobe in the direction of the nose.

Beware though, I am not referring to your temples. The third point lies on the imaginary line that goes from the notch of the ear to your nostril.

After finding the third point, apply light pressure and massage each side of the head. As mentioned before, massage the area around between the third point the ear in a semicircular motion.

This practice is very effective. Especially when the pressure increases due to stress or other emotional factors.

Nonetheless, it is important to clarify that its effects may vary depending on the person. You must not replace any therapy prescribed by your doctor with this method.

Other useful tips

Here are other tips to lower blood pressure fast. You can use them in conjunction with the Chinese method as well.

* Drink a glass of water. Dehydration is a common cause of high blood pressure.
* Lie down on the ground. Relax your legs and spread your arms.
* Breathe in deeply. Focus on relaxing every single part of your body to reduce your heart rate.

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